Welcome to the website devoted to the classic work, ‘Verdict on Jesus’ by Leslie Badham.

About Verdict

This book, way ahead of its time when first published, offers a radical re-examination of the essence of Christianity. This site provides information about the book, videos that cover its central themes and more information on the initiatives of the Newson Trust, the sponsors this work.

The Latest Edition

This latest edition of Verdict on Jesus includes new chapters addressing key issues for today: Professor Paul Badham considers the reasonableness of belief in the face of attacks by the ‘new atheists’ and Dr. Gregory A. Barker looks at the significance of Jesus from the perspectives of other world religions.

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Leslie Badham

Leslie Badham combined his Church ministry with radio broadcasting, lecturing and writing. He was Vicar of Windsor and Chaplain to HM the Queen.

The Newson Trust

The Trust promotes the ideas within Verdict on Jesus and provides free copies to new clergy of the Anglican, Methodist and United Reform Churches in the British Isles.